Great question and one that we get often. Take a look at the graphic below and then review "What is the right size board for me?" question to get a feel for what is the best option for you!

This depends on a few things: age, weight, height, balance and skill. Below are some guidelines to consider.

30" Wheel Cut Board  

Usually smaller kids will ride these. easy to carry, and not taller then you! We see more young kids ride this board.  


  • 5-21 years old and weigh under 120lbs
  • You want something to start with, but has good balance


  • Don't have good balance
  • Older then 25 
  • Taller then 5'8"

40" Wheel Cut Board

Great all around size. Looks and feels like a long board.


  • You love long boards, want to carve, and great at riding.
  • Ages: any
  • Height: any
  • Balance: must have a little experience


  • Don't have good balance
  • Beginner and over 13 yrs old

40" Platypus / Platypus Drop Through

Good for all ages, all sizes, all experience. The go to board for anyone - make it the ultimate board with the drop through. It will be lower to the ground, offer better balance, and made for speed. 

BUY IF:   

  • You are a beginner, or just love a great board for anything. It is the widest board, so it is the easiest to ride, and the front and back look the same, so no worries what is the front and back
  • Ages: Any
  • Height: Any
  • Balance: Best for learning and for the expert - OUR PERSONAL FAVORITE!


No reasons at all!

48" Pintail

Good for all ages, but it is heavy and super long. Young kids need to make sure they know what they are getting - it weighs 12lbs. It's heavy.

BUY IF:   

  • You are beginner, or just love a great board for anything. Super Long, great cruiser. Not made for carving, just long and straight rides
  • Ages: Any, but be careful with the height and weight of the board with little kids
  • Height: Any
  • Balance: Super easy to ride - weight limit 220 lbs


  • Not strong
  • Want to carry your board...EVER
  • Like to carve

No. They are not slippery, and you do not need grip tape. 

Acrylic / Plexiglass .75 inch thick.   Big Boy:  1 inch thick 

We make them in Cedar Hills, Utah and ship worldwide. 

No, they do not break easy. We are aware of 13 that have broke out of 15,000 sold, and we replaced 9 of them for free. We want everyone to enjoy them and have fun. Scratches: They can scratch. We are working on a harder material that we hope to release in a few months.