Beginner longboards / skateboards

Beginner longboards / skateboards

What is the best board for beginners?

* Answer:  First things to look at is your age, weight, height, and how is your balance?  Riding a board comes to what are your comfortable with.  beginner skateboards or long boards can depend on lots of different factors.

First:  Length of the board:  longer the easier....

Second: Age:  I would say the older you get, the harder it is to ride smaller boards.  Why?  harder to see the board, your balance is as good......

Third: Weight:  this can determine how you ride.  small boards, may not be able to see it very well.... long boards, may not be able to hold your weight.... check weight limits on boards. 

** I recommend:   bigger board the easier!  Start out slow, ride for fun, don't worry about what others are doing or saying.  practice standing on the board in the living room or on the grass.