Ghost Long Board Facts

Ghost Long Board Facts

We have had a lot of questions about our boards!  Since launch, it has been overwhelming to hear your questions, read your comments, and amazing feedback on our boards. 

* Weight Limit :  Not 100% sure, but my brother in law weighs 325 lbs and can ride it!

* Can it Break:  well, not with weighing 325 lbs...... but yes, you can chip the nose if you run into a wall.  Any Skateboard can break, no matter what it is made out of.  Our solution for this, is we are making a rubber nose guard to protect the front.

* Scratching:  Yes, like anything they can scratch.  I like to call them battle wounds!

* Grip Tape:  My answer is you don't need it!  The boards are pretty sticky to shoes and barefeet as is.   But we do have clear grip tape, and have some on the Phantom.  We also have a great partner Lucid Grip you created a clear spray grip tape.  

* Cost:  We totally feel like our prices with the upgraded wheels, trucks, and abec 7 bearings is frankly an awesome deal!

* Where are they made?  USA.  Yes we make all the boards ourselves in Utah.  My partner Brent Johnson is the brains behind the design and cutting.  For me, I would hurt myself!  So I stick to assembly and selling.  

* What about new designs?  We are working on creating some new designs, and would love to see or hear from you on what would be awesome. 

* Electric Ghost:  Well, this has been a fun adventure going down this road with this bad boy!  First off let me say, that EVERYONE, wants to stop me and check out the board.... not me..... but yes the boards are super cool.  Even though we say the board can go 20 mph, it can not just with a fat old guy like me.  I got going 17.5 mph on it, and that was fast enough for me.  We have priced these so everyone can have one, and not pay the $1,000 price tag of others out in the market.  Buy ours for $650.00 and go have fun!

* Store Locations:  Since we have just launched we are working on some local distribution centers and stores to get our boards into.  Stay tuned as we form these relationships.  

* Why did you get in the skateboard business? I have loved skateboards my whole life.  I was a skater as a kid, and still love skating today even being 45 years old.  Brent built the first Ghost Long Board and asked me what I thought of it....... of course I fell in love!  

* Contact me for any questions:  Russ Warner | | 801.599.7447