Bones STF V1 Standard Skateboard Wheels

Bones STF V1 Standard Skateboard Wheels

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Rock the streets with a 4-pack of versatile and long-lasting Bones wheels

With a 4-pack of the STF V1 Standard skateboard wheels by Bones, you're ready to take over the street with lots of speed, balance, and versatility.

'STF' is short for Street Tech Formula and 'V1 Standard' is the shape of the wheel. The V1 Standard features a perfect balance of radius, width, and speed for all-around street shredding.

Add to that its durable and flat-spot-free SHR construction, and you got yourself a complete set of wheels that will last longer than classic ones.

Model Wheel diameter Wheel width Wheel Contact Patch Wheel hardness
54mm - Patterns 103a 54mm 32mm 15mm 103A