40" Platypus Woody Chevron, Closeout

40" Platypus Woody Chevron, Closeout

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This one of a kind board has Walnut inlaid into the acrylic. Super sleek & cool.  

Durability - 240 lbs

NOTE: This is a closeout board with some minor scuffing and marring on the deck. 

Trucks: Yellow180mm/50 degree
Wheels: White Solid 65mm

No color changes on pre-built/close-out boards.

About our boards:
  • Made in Pleasant Grove, Utah from high quality clear acrylic
  • High performing board with an exceptionally smooth ride
  • Build your board by selecting your design, deck size and style, trucks and wheels!
  • Standard deck thickness is .75” for rider weight up to 220lbs, for weight above 220lbs a 1” deck is available as an upgrade