Siren Death is Dead Graveyard 8.25 Complete

Siren Death is Dead Graveyard 8.25 Complete

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This is a Siren Death is Dead Graveyard Deck 8.25 skateboard with a standard popsicle shape.

Founded in 2006, Siren is a skateboard brand under the Treehouse Distribution label. They're best known for their vivid, attention grabbing neon decks. ... Constructed from study 7 ply maple, all Siren skateboard decks have a slight concave for secure footing and a locked-in feel.

This Siren deck measures 8.25" wide x 32" long and is ideal for every skill level, from beginner to pro. 

10th Anniversary Edition CSX Classix Gold are Theeve’s classic take on a skateboard truck. Basic yet nicely built, these trucks feature a sturdy construction and a delightful turning.

CSX model features classic cast hanger and baseplate, non-slip Cro-Molly axle, Grade 8 steel hollow kingpin, and Bones Hardcore bushings. This is a 55mm tall truck so get ready for a tasteful stance and Theeve’s signature True Turn Geometry.

Acid Conical PODS 55MM 86A
Perfect soft wheel for cruising the streets, rough terrain or for those that just want a smoother ride. MADE IN THE USA.


One (1) set of 55mm Acid Chemical Wheels Pods Conical Purple Skateboard Wheels - 86a; includes four (4) wheels
Diameter: 55mm
Durometer: 86a