Epicenter - Ghost Long Board
Epicenter - Ghost Long Board
Epicenter - Ghost Long Board

Epicenter - Epicenter Design on Clear Longboard - Ghost Boards

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Innovation meets performance with our smooth riding, clear acrylic decks. We are changing the landscape of longboarding and hope you will join us! With over 50 designs and 5 deck shapes/sizes we have a board for every level of rider.

Live free. Ride a Ghost.

ep·i·cen·ter /ˈepəˌsen(t)ər/ the point on the earth's surface vertically above the focus of an earthquake.

Shake things up with this killer board.

About our boards:

  • Made in Pleasant Grove, Utah from high quality clear acrylic
  • High performing board with an exceptionally smooth ride
  • Build your board by selecting your design, deck size and style, trucks and wheels!
  • Standard deck thickness is .75” for rider weight up to 220lbs, for weight above 220lbs a 1” deck is available as an upgrade