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Tribal Wave

Tribal Wave

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    1. We are taking Reserve orders.  We are working as fast as we can at cutting boards.  Please be patient with us.  When you order, we make each board by hand, and are running a few weeks in production. We do not have them ready to ship.

Choose from:

48" Board :  weigh limit 220 lbs  7.5 x 48

40: wheel cut (cuts over the wheels) 7.5" x 40

40" platypus (looks front and back the same)  8.5" x 40

30" wheel cut (cuts over the wheels)  7.5" x 30

 (add big boy to hold up to 330 lbs)


Shark Wheels:  

Solids:    Turquoise, Black, White, Orange, Red

Clear:     Blue, Green, Black, Purple, Orange, Yellow, Coral, Red

Transparent:     Red, Blue, Green, Purple, Yellow, Sapphire, Emerald